A few more recent shots

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Good afternoon people. Just a quick blog update before I head out to shoot a stuntwoman for a book insert. The shoot is taking place at a local airport, where she will be posing with her airplane. Can’t wait!

To your left is one of the finished shots of actress Rachel Carnell. She didn’t pick this for herself, I just loved it so much I thought it deserved to go up on the blog. I love the tones and the depth of field in this one, even if I do say so myself!

The light on the day of the shoot was particularly good, as you can see. Sometimes you get very lucky. It didn’t last long, about ten minutes, before the light receding back to be flat and dull.

On the right below is one of the picked and finished shots from the recent shoot with SKY 3 presenter Joy Ogude. Another shot I’m really pleased with.

Like I always end these blog updates: Get in touch if you’re looking to update your headshots. London Headshots offers truly unique headshot photography, not your boring, run-of-the-bill black and white stuff.

Cya guys


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