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My name is John Godwin, and I am the owner of London Headshots. The name “London Headshots” is a bit faceless, so I thought I’d write a little “about me” section so you can know that it’s actually just one guy with a love of portraiture.

So yeah, my name is John, and I’m an advertising photographer by trade, who originally started on the road to headshots purely as a favour to an actor friend. She needed new headshots, and assured me it was no different than the work I complete in advertising, so I decided to give it a go. She was dead chuffed with them, and after putting them up on Spotlight, I started getting people coming to me asking for headshots of their own. It started happening so often that I eventually had to start a second company, and thus, London Headshots was born! I’ve never looked back.

Originally, I just did the kind of headshots I saw other headshot photographers shooting, but I quickly became disillusioned with the disparity I saw in the shots I took of actors, and the shots of people I created in advertising or editorial. I started applying the techniques I’ve learned from advertising, and I immediately realised that up until that point, my headshots had lacked any real content. I hadn’t been making the same effort I made on other shoots, and I had made the mistake of thinking headshot photography was somehow different to any other photography where you’re trying to sell something. From that point on it became my mission to give people the best headshots they’d ever had.

I love portraiture, it’s my biggest passion, so the opportunity to shoot actors alongside my advertising jobs is a dream come true. For me, there’s just nothing better than having a brand new face in the studio. Every face is a puzzle that must be explored from all angles until you find just the right one. Just the right tilt, turn, expression in the exact combination to show of that person to maximum effect. Never gets boring!

I get real pleasure in shooting people who don’t like having their picture taken, I consider that one of my best talents. I know I’m going to get a great shot of them, and seeing people react positively to their own faces on the viewing monitor absolutely makes my day. I get more pleasure from that than anything else available to me as a photographer.

Outside of photography I’m a big fan of mixed martial arts and bodybuilding; having done the former for a few years, and the latter for over a decade before racking the barbell when my daughter was born and letting life be about someone else for a change! Outside of being an ex-meathead, I love cooking, and for an amateur, I rate myself. Not trying to be modest here, try my vegetarian curry and tell me I haven’t got skills – I dare you! I make it with like butternut squash, chickpeas, roasted sweet potato and all sorts, it’s next level.

I like computer games, too, but when I switched to an iMac for better Photoshop use, my gaming days died. I haven’t forgiven Apple for that yet!

John Godwin

John Godwin

Owner/Photographer @ London Headshots