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What should you want from your headshots?

Today we’re going to discuss, you guessed it, Headshots! Specifically, what their intended purpose is. I’m going to do an update in the future that intends to be a deep analysis of what a...
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Please take a moment to feel sorry for me.

Well, I don’t know how annoyed I SHOULD be, but right now, I think I’m rating about a 7. A 9 would be coming home to find a stranger urinating in my shoes. Before today, searching for...
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Facial Expression

What’s the most important thing you can bring to a headshot session? You might think it’s clothes, or perhaps a list of character types, or something practical, or much more tangible....
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Win a headshot session

WIN A HEADSHOT SESSION OK, it’s time for a headshot competition. Yes, indeed, a competition to win a headshot session. Devastatingly original, and not at all a cynical attempt to get some more...
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Headshot Photography – Price reductions for March

Actors headshots (price changes.) For 3 years now, London Headshots has been striving to bring the best headshots in london, at the best possible price. I’ve never operated this business...
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London Headshots Facebook Page

Hi guys, here is my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/thelondonheadshots Please take a moment to like it; if you have a page yourself, drop me a line and I’ll like it right back!
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Powercuts, Floods, Roast Goose, and *glug*… Goodbye 2013

Well, good Lord, 2013 is over, and while it has been a great year for me in terms of my business and as a new family man, it very nearly ended in disaster. In fact, so dastardly was Mother...
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January 2014 Special Offer (Cheap Headshots OMG!)

Hello everyone, a very happy new year! For the whole of January, I am running a special offer of a full headshot session for just £150. Spaces are limited, so please book quickly to avoid...
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“Don’t be scared, homie…”

The title of this update was uttered three years ago by my favourite Mixed Martial Arts fighter, a Mr. Nick Diaz, to KJ Noons, just moments after KJ had defended his welterweight title. Those four...
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VAT now added to headshot price.

Hi there,   Just a quick update on the recent price changes. Unfortunately, I’ve had to start adding VAT to my prices, as I recently had to register. This means that the price has risen...
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