Brilliant Customer Service From Apple

I know people mostly only talk about companies when they want to complain about them, so I’ll do the opposite here and share a recent experience I had with Apple that has completely restored my faith in this consumer society.

I have a nice 27″ iMac that I use at home for processing images. It was bought in 2010, and up until last year, it worked flawlessly. In the middle of 2012, a black mark started appearing on the screen. As the months went by, it grew quite large, until eventually, I couldn’t really use the computer without it annoying me. I contacted Apple, who arranged to pick it up and replace the screen. No problems. It came back to me 4 days later with a brand new screen, and I was happy. For about a week…

I noticed on the new screen that it had a little bit of movement within the pixels at super-close distances. The kind of distance you retouch from. This is not a problem from more than 6 inches away, but I contacted Apple anyway, and they once again arranged to replace the screen. This time it came back, and it was absolutely perfect, but a delivery driver had mentioned, while picking the computer up, that the fans were running pretty loud, and suggested that ti might be running a bit hot. I contacted Apple, and right there and then, without even checking the machine, they just arranged to take my old iMac and deliver me a BRAND NEW MODEL!

I’ve already met with some detractors who think that Apple should’ve honoured this way earlier, but I completely disagree. The least I could expect is for them to attempt to fix the machine. For them to just give me an entirely new, updated model, of far higher spec is mind-blowing to me. They could’ve easily just supplied me with a reconditioned unit, and even then I’d have been happy.

At no point was I made to wait, I never had to call multiple departments, or demand a solution.

I’m by no means an Apple fanboy, but it’s this level fo service that will keep me coming back to them from now on.

I can’t think of another company that looks after it’s client base like Apple.

That’s all really.

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