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What should you want from your headshots?

Today we’re going to discuss, you guessed it, Headshots! Specifically, what their intended purpose is. I’m going to do an update in the future that intends to be a deep analysis of what a...
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Please take a moment to feel sorry for me.

Well, I don’t know how annoyed I SHOULD be, but right now, I think I’m rating about a 7. A 9 would be coming home to find a stranger urinating in my shoes. Before today, searching for...
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Headshot Photography – Price reductions for March

Actors headshots (price changes.) For 3 years now, London Headshots has been striving to bring the best headshots in london, at the best possible price. I’ve never operated this business...
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Powercuts, Floods, Roast Goose, and *glug*… Goodbye 2013

Well, good Lord, 2013 is over, and while it has been a great year for me in terms of my business and as a new family man, it very nearly ended in disaster. In fact, so dastardly was Mother...
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Classic headshots or contemporary headshots?

Here’s a tricky one. So, with a headshot, I guess your primary concern is whether the shot is going to generate interest in the eyes of casting directors. We want a headshot that is going to...
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Make up for MEN

Oooh, controversial blog post! Yeah, you heard right. We’re talking make up, and we’re talking men. Now, if I said to you, “Think of a man in make up”, I already know who...
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Preparing your skin for a headshot session

Preparing your skin for a headshot session A Headshot session is supposed to be you at your absolute best. Your most immaculate, alluring, a straight-up knock-em-dead specimen of talent-filled...
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What clothes to bring to your headshot session – LONDON HEADSHOTS

Howdy! I thought I might take a bit of time to revisit an old update about what to bring to your headshot session. I’m another 12 months and 200+ clients in, so think I can dd a bit more to the...
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Say NO to black and white headshots

OK, so way back in the day, when photographers didn’t want to spend the extra money on colour film, and Spotlight didn’t want to spend¬†unnecessary amounts printing the book in colour,...
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Some of my favourite headshots from this year

So I’m about to close up my first year of business as London Headshots, and what a year it’s been! A really big thank you to everyone who came through the studio doors, and also to...
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