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What should you want from your headshots?

Today we’re going to discuss, you guessed it, Headshots! Specifically, what their intended purpose is. I’m going to do an update in the future that intends to be a deep analysis of what a...
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Advice for actors – essentials.

The world is-a-changin’, and it’s no longer enough to have your printed black and white headshot in your folder to send to casting directors anymore. Nowadays, the potential avenues to...
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Headshot session: Ticks, twitches, spasms and bad habits

So, I asked on Twitter what kind of update people wanted to see, and I got a pretty decent range of topics. One though from @CarlyHase really caught my eye, and so we cover it, and a slightly broader...
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Make up for MEN

Oooh, controversial blog post! Yeah, you heard right. We’re talking make up, and we’re talking men. Now, if I said to you, “Think of a man in make up”, I already know who...
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Actors Headshots – The Importance Of Getting It Right On The Day

  This is an update I’ve been meaning to make for quite a while, but have only just found the time. Hopefully anyone looking to get headshots, even if not with London Headshots, will be...
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