Check out the new site!

Check out the new site!

Wahaay! Wha d’ya think?

I’m not going to lie, I’m ridiculously proud of this new site. Up until now I’ve coded all of my own, but I figured it was time to stop being cheap and buy one. I like to be hands on though, so I bought a template with the intention of adding a few of my own hacks once I’m familiar with it. The whole site is now built on a wordpress backend, which makes adding and changing content a complete doddle compared to last time.

Alterations to the main code can now be delivered site wide without the need to go in and manually edit every single page to reflect the changes like I’ve had to do on every other site I’ve had. This new one really is a dream. I’ll probably fiddle with the colours, layout, and break a few things before I’m entirely happy with it. Please, if you find any bugs or issues, leave a message in this thread and I’ll give you a 20% discount off headshots as a thank you.

Haven’t updated in a while as I’m been up to my eyeballs in headshots and commercial work. Currently shooting headshots in between a large job for a very well-known fashion company that I’m not allowed to mention, but we’ve been working flat out through the weekends shooting in a studio in Shoreditch. I’m partnering my good friend Nick Adams on the job, and we’re having a ball. We’ve been stuffing ourselves with Beigels, watching Archer, drinking tea, and shooting.

Other than that and the new website, I’ve completed a colossal amount of work, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. I could still be busier though, so if you’re looking for new headshots, get in contact!

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