Discounts For Drama Students


So I know on my FAQ it says that I don’t do discounts for students, I reckon I should reiterate, as it’s not that straightforward, as I’ve had a slight change of heart in the last couple of weeks. I’ll explain.

There’s a recurring theme among the younger clients I shoot, and that is of their “first time” with headshots. Time and again, the same story is cropping up. That story is of the cheaper photographer they chose, or of the photographer the drama school recommended, who took photographs they aren’t particularly happy with. This is pretty much 90% of everyone I shoot who had shots done with the photographer at the drama school. The complaints are always the same. They felt rushed, or they only shot for 45 minutes, they weren’t happy with the results etc..

I don’t know why a headshot photographer would want to rush a headshot session or impose restrictions on the session, as it ultimately limits the chances of getting a great headshot. If they’re passionate about what they do, they should be willing to spend as much time as it takes in order to get the kind of work that they want to represent them and their style. They should also want every client walking out the door with the best possible chance of advancing their career. Otherwise what’s the point in even shooting headshots? Every single client is different, so I’ve never understood in giving everyone the same tiny window of opportunity to get things right!

So here’s the deal: If you are in drama school, and you can get your school to put me forward as the headshot photographer of choice, I will give each and every person from that school a £50 discount on their session when the time comes to get their first shots done. But better than that, I will give YOU, the person who put me forward, free headshots. Free headshots FOR LIFE. As in, you will never have to pay for another session at London Headshots again.

Seriously, that’s pretty much the best deal in the history of headshots. Unless someone has already done this deal, in which case, it shares joint-first place as the best offer in the history of headshots. But I digress…

The Deal:

So, if you go to drama school, and you can put me in contact with the people who choose who to recommend as the headshot photographer of choice, and they choose to extend my services, I will never charge you, the individual, for another headshot session ever again.

Thus, I have this deal:

Headshot session.

  • Unlimited session time
  • Unlimited clothing changes
  • Six retouched images
  • Can’t think of anything else to offer

The session will be exactly the same as anyone else gets, whether it’s you, or whether it’s a student. There’s no caveats, no restrictions. It’s a full headshot session. I only shoot ONE PERSON per day, so you aren’t going to be on a conveyor belt, nor are you going to be rushed. It’s the best opportunity you can get to get the best possible headshots right out the door to really kick start your career.

I take the time to actually teach you how to take a shot. Actually, I will positively BORE YOU with how much I drum into you how to look into a camera. You’ll leave a session with me knowing your face better than you ever thought possible, and you’ll take camera skills with you that will remain with you your entire career.

So yeah, that’s all really. Get in contact with your drama school, get me on the books, and bag yourself the best headshots you’ve ever had



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