Here are some answers to questions that come up a lot

What will happen at the session?

You’ll be asked to pose nude.

Just kidding! Fear not, the session is super-relaxed. We work hard, but we don’t work stressed. After a cup of tea and a chat, we’ll have a look at your clothes and talk about what you want to get from the session. Before the shoot starts, you will be given full instruction on what to do. Everything is taken out of your hands. there are rules to follow that make ANYONE look good in a shot. You get taught these rules, and then we’re ready to go. I’ll show you how to move, how to ‘look’, and how to express yourself, along with giving queues throughout the shoot on what to do. The one thing you won’t feel during the session is unprepared.

This is the most important part of the process. Everything is geared towards understanding what and what not to concentrate on during a session.

What makes you different from other headshots photographers?

Er, I’m actually a photographer! I guess what make me different from other photographers is my experience level. I’ve worked for clients such as Kurt Geiger, Evitavonni, Givenchy, Channel 4, Harlequin, BOND, Daily Mail, Westfield, Great Ormond Street, and plus a ton I can’t remember at the time of writing, and I take the experience from there and put it into a headshot session with you. I know how to make people look good, and I know what to do to get people there.

I come from an advertising photography background, so I know what it means to create a shot that sells. This is the part of photography I’m most passionate about. Listening to and digesting a photographic brief, and creating work that shows I’ve listened and understood the needs of my client.

I hate having my picture taken!

Neither of these things means you can’t have an amazing headshot that you’ll love, and I’ll prove it to you. Taking a photograph is about acquired technique, not talent or looks. I’ll tell you in plain English how to look and how to move, and what to do with your face in order to create confidence and mask nervousness. It works every single time, and the best part is that you can see it on the back of the screen. I sit every single client down and I run through everything as part of a mini-workshop, so you’ll be comfortable before we even step in front of the camera. Everyone thinks they’ll be the one person my techniques don’t work on, well, I’m 900 clients in, and I’m yet to meet that person!

Do you offer different "looks"?

Yes. I have a signature “London Headshots” look, which you won’t find anywhere else, but I also like to experiment during a session. Especially if you’re a character actor. As a photographer, I’m never looking repeat the same shoot over and over, so I’m actively looking to try new things every shoot. I have no cookie cutter method that I apply to anyone, all my headshots outside of my signature style are intended to be unique to the actor, and specific to them and their casting needs.

Do you offer a student discount?

I do. I never used to, but then someone put a compelling reason to my as to why I should, and I gave that person a discount. It’s only fair to offer it to everyone else as a result, so a student headshot session is now £150.

Do you offer an agency discount?

Yes. If you are an agency, I am happy to negotiate a favourable rate for your guys and girls. Call or email to discuss.

I'm not a student, but can I have a discount/will you shoot me for free?

Short answer is no. I get a lot of people telling me they need headshots and that they’re “not used to having to pay for them”. What the hell is all that about? This is not only extremely arrogant, but it’s disrespectful not only to me, but also to the people who came before you that had no issue paying for my services. I get asked this about once per week, and I’m yet to hear a compelling reason for why I should help you for absolutely no reward.

Do you require a deposit to book?

Hell yes, it’s 25 quid. I really, really wish I didn’t have to insist on one, but so many people used to book, only to never turn up. At least when they do it now I’ve got 25 quid to spend on lunch!

What is your turnaround time on finished images?

I give you a full web contact sheet the same day, which has all the facilities to edit down and make a final selection. The whole system is completely automated and password protected, so you can securely share the gallery with agents etc. Once I’ve received your choices, I generally take about 2-3 days to get your shots to you, though I do ask for 7 days just in case there’s a disaster.

Where are you based/Where do we shoot?

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I don't like the shots in the gallery, what now?

This, for me, is a disaster. If, on the off-chance you don’t like your shots, then come back in for another session free of charge, and we’ll do it all again, but differently. I’m committed to giving everyone shots they love, and I stress to everyone at the end of a session that they are not stuck with the shots we’ve done. If they aren’t good enough for you, I won’t be salty about it, we’ll book a new session, and we’ll do it again a no extra cost.

I’ve said elsewhere on the site that my work is representing both you and I, so it’s in my interest to produce the best possible work. I’ll do everything I can to make that possible, including reshoots.

That being said, I’ve only had about 10 reshoots out of nearly 900 clients, so it’s not like I’m back in the studio with the same people on a regular basis!

I like more than four shots, can I purchase extra?

Yes, but within reason. I am happy to supply a 5th or perhaps even a sixth image, at a cost of £20 per image, but that’s my limit. Essentially, choosing more shots than that eats into my retouching time too much, but it also dilutes the overall quality of the images. A headshot should look like an unrepeatable moment of quality, and that quality is reduced if you have multiple images from the same shot.

So I limit the amount of shots you can purchase extra, and actively discourage you from choosing more than the allotted four final shots!

I picked 12 shots, and you're taking longer than seven days. Should I send a passive-aggressive email?

If you pick more shots, the time it takes to get them back to you increases. I place the first four shoots you choose into the queue, and the other shots are done during my spare time. Often, I have time to do them all in one go, but occasionally, it might take a few days extra to get your choices back to you. This is a risk you take if you pick more than the original four choices!

I sent my choices back to you two days ago, should I beseech you with texts, emails and phone calls asking when they'll be ready?

God, please don’t do this, it makes you look like a bloody lunatic. I ask for seven days to get the shots back to you, but usually it takes 2-3. If it takes longer than 7 days, by all means, call me.

During September/October the turnaround time increases a little bit due to the Spotlight deadline and drama school graduates getting headshots. My workload increases massively, and along with commercial shoots, I have much less time to work on images.