Headshot Photography – Price reductions for March

Headshot Photography – Price reductions for March

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For 3 years now, London Headshots has been striving to bring the best headshots in london, at the best possible price. I’ve never operated this business strictly with profit in mind, and the price I charge for a headshot session has fluctuated based on how much it costs me to be in business. London Headshots is run from a fully equipped custom studio featuring the highest quality photographic equipment on the market, which brings with it certain expenses. The operating costs have always been reflected in the cost of the session. I do my best to keep costs down, and pass those on to my clients, but recently, in October 2013, my costs increased quite significantly, so I was forced to increase my prices to £230 per session. I was never comfortable with this figure, but it was the lowest price I could offer while still being able to make a living. After a bit of chopping and changing, I was able to pull the price down to £190, and now, I’m able to drop the price once more.

From April 1st, the price of a headshot session will reduce to £175 per session. I’ve made a few savings this quarter, and I want to pass those on to my clients. This session fee will remain active for at least three months, so this isn’t a special offer – if costs stay the same, so will the price.

So there you have it!

London Headshots is still going to bring the same amazing headshots and striking portraiture, and for the foreseeable future, it’s going to cost a bit less to boot!

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