How to deal with chapped lips on your shoot

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So you wake up on the day of the shoot. The British winter has taken it’s toll, and your lips look like you’ve been playing flute with a scalpel. Cracked, peeling, sore and you worry that they’ll ruin your headshot session! Don’t worry, all is not lost. This simple trick, which works for everyone (including men), will make a huge difference on the day.

OK, so here goes.

  • Slather Vaseline on your lips. Be liberal. Slap it on like you’d ice a cake.
  • Leave for 30-40 minutes.
  • Finally, take a toothbrush, and GENTLY brush your lips. Cover the whole of the lip area, top and bottom, and even go slightly inside. Don’t miss anything.
  • Now wash everything off, and apply a normal layer of chapstick, or any other kind of lip balm

What you should be left with are glowing, soft, unctuous lips worthy of any headshot session. Just don’t brush too hard, I don’t want you turning up the session looking like you’ve been snogging a hotplate.

If you want to keep up a lip-care regime that’ll keep you in good stead for your auditions as well, then consider getting a lip scrub that you can use regularly. It’ll keep your lips smooth and shiny. If you have a glove that you use to exfoliate in the bath or shower, you can use one of your figures to ever-so-gently rub your closed lips back and forth a few times to remove the dead skin cells. Don’t do it too often though, as it could lead to soreness.

That’s all you need to know!

Note: I read the original bullet-point tip on another headshot website, and rewritten it here, and I’ve since forgotten where I originally found it. I do remember that it was an American site. If anyone knows, or you’re the original creator of these tips, let me know and I’ll give you a link!

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