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Oooh, controversial blog post!

Yeah, you heard right. We’re talking make up, and we’re talking men.

Now, if I said to you, “Think of a man in make up”, I already know who you’re thinking about. You’re thinking about either Julian Clary, Lily Savage, or some other unconvincing celebrity transvestite daubed in near-fluorescent face paint that looks like it was applied with a blindfold and a shotgun. No, what I’m talking about is subtle make up. Ninja make up, if you will. We’re talking about hiding those saggy, crinkled eyes, shocked-to-black by nights spent partying, staying up late, and living an entirely self-indulgent lifestyle. We’re talking about concealing the red, blotchy, thread-veined skin that we men have on account of the fact that we’re shit at looking after ourselves. Men, let London Headshots guide you through the murky, untrodden waters of male beauty.

This update is about what you can use before the headshot session to bring your face alive and hide the effects of a modern lifestyle from the camera. It’ll also save me hours of retouching!

Let’s get to it:


Tinted Moisturiser is absolutely brilliant for evening out your skin tone and making the whole of your face a single, healthy colour. You can eliminate red, blotchy skin almost immediately with this stuff. It’s great! Be sure to find one that matches your skin type, and don’t be afraid to approach the girl at the make up counter! She will paint a small selection fo coloured moisturisers on your jaw, and then pick the one that most matches your real skin colour.

Applying a tiny amount of correctly chosen tinted moisturiser before a headshot session can dramatically improve your overall skin tone without looking suspect at all. Done right, it’s completely invisible.



That’s right. Not just the realm of transparently insincere American politicians such as Mitt Romney, who famously applied this miracle substance to his face before addressing a collection of Mexican voters in a shameful attempt to appear “like them”.┬áNor is it only for the wives of East End bank robbers who’ve been forcibly relocated to the Costa Del Sol. Actors, specifically MALE actors, can benefit from this stuff, too. If you’ve got pale skin, and tinted moisturiser isn’t enough, you can drop it down a couple of shades and add a bit of colour into the bargain as well. Don’t be scared, just add a tiny amount to your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Massage in carefully, and if done right, you WON’T look like David Dickenson.



The late nights have you looking like some kind of sad,┬ábedraggled panda, but don’t worry, there’s always good old concealer! Use this little beauty, sparingly, of course, and it’ll brighten up your eyes like nothing else. Use a tiny amount and just massage it in with your finger. Almost too simple.



Some people are shiny. Take myself for instance. If I don’t wash my face in the morning, by the time 12:00pm rolls around, I look like I’ve dipping my face in a chip fryer. Truly, it’s bloody vile. If you, like me, are on the greasy side of greasy, you need to get yourself some mattifying gel. I use the stuff from the bodyshop, and it’s perfect. A tiny little bit on the T-zone, and any other zone for that matter works wonders.



Men, some of you need a bit of metrosexuality in your lives. Don’t be afraid of a bit of slap, it’ll make your headshots a thousand times better. Remember, we’re not trying to make it obvious here, we’re just trying to hide the things that wouldn’t be there were life just that little bit less hectic. To the shops!



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