Package changes

Package changes

Hi guys,


Just a quick update about a little change at London Headshots. Specifically in regards to the number of finished shots I offer.

After 400 clients, and numerous with them and their agents, I’ve decided to reduce the amount of finished shots from six down to four. Six is simply too many looks to achieve in a single session, and many people struggled to assemble six looks that were as strong as each other. Four is a far more realistic number, and more importantly, it allows for a much more succinct and focused package.

I’m sure there are a few potential clients who might be put off at the thought of essentially getting less for their money, but this is for the best. The majority of people who come to London Headshots say they have trouble choosing six items of clothing to wear, and this fixes that problem perfectly. It’s still more headshots than my closest competitors offer, and if you still want six shots, then you can always purchase extras at £10 each.

In order to mitigate the loss of two shots, I will be now focusing on offering a much more varied lighting package, and concentrating on further developing the techniques that illicit the best facial expressions that London Headshots is famous for.


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