Package changes

Package changes

Hey guys,

After a few requests from people, I’ve decided to adjust the packages a little bit. From now on, I will also be offering full length shots for anyone who needs it. This full length shot will take the place of one of the six headshots, and will cost an extra £25. The justification for this price increase is because of the amount of time taken to change the lighting setup, the extra retouching required, and also the fact that I will be switching to a different, much more expensive camera to take the shot. If you wish to look the camera up, it is a Hasselblad H5D-40 with a 100mm 2.2 lens. There is no better camera on the market for full length portraits, and I promise you you won’t regret paying the extra £25.


So, the packages now offered as follows:


Standard Headshot Package £200

6 retouched images

No session limit

Full Length Headshot Package £225

5 retouched headshots + 1 retouched full length shot

No session limit


So that’s about it really. Full length portraits seem to be perfect for presenters and dancers, and since I’d been getting a lot of requests for them on the day, I thought I’d add the option to get them done. They will take place in the studio, or outside.

Thanks for reading!


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