Please take a moment to feel sorry for me.

Well, I don’t know how annoyed I SHOULD be, but right now, I think I’m rating about a 7. A 9 would be coming home to find a stranger urinating in my shoes.

Before today, searching for headshots in london on Google would yield a beautiful Google Businesses listing, showing London Headshots, with a huge 34 reviews. It was the most reviewed headshot photographer in the whole of London, and quite possibly the UK. It was a point of pride for me, given how many headshot photographers there actually are, and I felt it distinguished me from other photographers.

Well, no more, I’m back in the nosebleed seats, because Google have inexplicably deleted by entire Google business profile. Just like that – BAM!

Last year someone reported it for having “fraudulent reviews” (a fellow headshot photographer it turned out), but Google investigated, and confirmed every single one of them. Add this to the same year, when a very popular headshot photographer decided to book a headshot session with me posing as an actor, before admitting halfway through the session that he was a photographer and wanted to see my lighting so he could steal it. Cheers buddy!

Most recently, I happened across a new headshot photographer\s site, and he’s lifted almost the entirety of my site, including wording and general brand-style and used it for himself!

The good thing to do in these instances is be flattered, but all I get is annoyed. You have to spend so much time differentiating yourself from the crowd, and these things happen and can really make you feel like you’ve taken a backward footstep.

So that’s it. Rant over.

No more messing around with Google or trying to build a web-presence, because it’s just too fiat. It’s meaningless, isn’t promised, and in reality, nothing will beat promoting yourself the old-fashioned way – going out and getting the business for yourself.

London Headshots is moving forward, so if you’re looking for headshots in london come and see me, the ORIGINAL London headshot photographers.

So yeah, please feel sorry for me. Not TOO sorry, but at least shed a tear or two – I’M LIVID OVER HERE!

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