Price and package changes.

Well, I was hoping I’d never have to make this post, as I really did enjoy offering what I believed to be the best headshot package in London. Unfortunately, though, due to the unexpected popularity of London Headshots, along with the arrival of my first daughter, Lillibette, I’m forced to reevaluate the package I offer my clients. I’m always really conscious of appearing like I’m trying to hustle money out of people, and my ethos remains one of quality over profit, so I hope this doesn’t seem like a cynical grab for more income.

When I originally began London Headshots, I was only shooting one or two jobs a week, so retouching ten images per session in between my advertising photography work was tough, but workable. As the popularity of this business, and the demand for my headshots has increased, I’m in a position where taking on more work will mean I have to either reduce the session time or the number of images. The price for my work is already so cheap that I have to do high volumes of sessions in order to make it a viable business. I don’t want to reduce the session time, because it’s still my belief that imposing a time limit on a session reduces the chances of getting the killer headshots you’re looking for. I’ve made the decision, therefore, to reduce the amount of shots you get to SIX.

In my opinion, that’s still more than enough shots for a session, guaranteeing you at least one shot from every look, along with an extra one on top! This is still one of the best deals in London, and I can only apologise that I’m unable to offer original deal. The session fee is staying at £200, or £150 to twitter followers, so don’t worry there, and there isn’t any plans to raise it above that yet. I say yet, because inevitably, the price will one day raise for one reason or another. I promise it will never be because I simply want more money.

The new package comes into effect 1st November 2012, and any bookings made before then will still be at the old package of 10 headshots.

I’d like to thank everyone who has made this into a viable business, you don’t know how much it means to me to see people so happy with the work done at London Headshots. Thanks for all of the recommendations you’ve given to your colleagues and friends, and I hope to continue offering the same level of quality in the future casinonorske.com.


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