Quick shot from today’s Headshot Session

Quick shot from today’s Headshot Session

Actors headshots session
Joy Ogude, SKY III presenter

Good evening all, I trust I’m not the only one who has had a fabulous day, and is currently having a fine evening. Next to this very sentence is Joy Ogude, whom I had the pleasure of shooting today. She presents a youth culture program on SKY 3, and is also currently filming for the *removed*.

This is just a quick pull from the camera, and I haven’t even sent any of the shots to her yet, so the chances are, you’ll see this before she does!

Thinking about it, I’ve never asked a client how they feel about a quick shot being uploaded to my blog before they get the contact sheet. I can only assume they either don’t mind, or don’t know. Either way, my conscience is, at worst, translucent!

Joy was awesome to work with, and we chatted so much during the session that I actually ended up shooting far less shots than I would have normally. That would’ve been a bad thing, usually, but Joy was incredibly comfortable in front of the camera, despite this being the first time she’d ever had shots taken. Some people are just naturals, which bodes well if you plan to make a career out of being filmed!

My own hand in these shots turning out so well is limited to merely putting the lights in the right place. The rest was all her. I maintained my usual role of perching myself directly under the beauty dish like a troll under a bridge.

We did a range of clothes, and caught some of the falling sun for some ultra-warm natural light shots that gave her a kind of Egyptian goddess look, I remember commenting. Probably sounded like a line, come to think of it.. It was true, though..

Anyway, for purposes of web optimisation, these updates are best stretched to 500 words, but it’s late, and I don’t really have much to write about, so 332 is where we sit.

Ta ta!

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