Recent headshots session

Recent headshots session

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Good morning (3am here, 14 hour day today).

Thought I’d post a quick shot from a recent headshots session I did. I tried some new lighting out in this shot, and I absolutely love how it looks. I assure you, although it doesn’t look like it, there is almost no retouching done to this image. Those eyes, that light, the blur, it’s all in camera. In face, the only thing I really did retouch was a light in the bottom corner that could be seen in the shot.

I still have to retouch all of the images from the shoot, but I liked how the lighting turned out in these so much that I thought I’d put up a quick preview before I started work on them.

I’ll post a lighting diagram for this at some point. It’s 7 lights total with two reflectors. Makes for an amazing ambience

And this goes back to what I keep saying: Unique lighting that constantly changes to suit the client. A professional actors headshot should be tailored for the person in the picture. It shouldn’t be something that looked good on the 50 people that you shot before, because what if the 51st person ends up looking crap? That’s their money, and your time wasted.

At London Headshots, I constantly strive to push myself and keep learning. I¬†guarantee¬†you won’t get better headshots anywhere else! Or your money back!

I mean that. Book a session, and if you aren’y happy with how the shots went, I’ll give you a refund. No arguments, no fuss, just explain what you don’t like about them, and if I can’t change them, you can come back for another shoot, or you can get your money back.

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