Say NO to black and white headshots

Say NO to black and white headshots

OK, so way back in the day, when photographers didn’t want to spend the extra money on colour film, and Spotlight didn’t want to spend unnecessary amounts printing the book in colour, their was a gentleman’s agreement in the headshot industry that headshots generally came in black and white. This is understandable, printing of colour was prohibitively expensive back then, so people didn’t want to go the extra distance if they didn’t have to.

But it’s 2013, and printing is almost a thing of the past. In the days of instant communication, casting happens at light speed, and with no provision needed for price, why would anyone not want colour headshots???

In a black and white headshot, you can’t see the hair colour, the skin colour, or the eye colour. Surely you want the casting director to see what you actually look like? Unless you’re hoping that looking like your headshot came out of a Calvin Klein ad is going to get you the job!

People are conditioned to prefer black and white photographs due to a perceived “artiness”. But that doesn’t carry over to headshot photography. You want the casting director to know exactly what you look like. It should be you at your best, not you at your most arty!

London Headshots specialises in colour headshots, and since Spotlight now allows colour headshots as the main profile shot. There’s no excuse!

Colour headshots will be de rigueur in another 12 months, so even if you have decided against shooting with London Headshots, for whatever reason, make sure you at least go to someone who shoots colour!

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