Some of my favourite headshots from this year

Some of my favourite headshots from this year

So I’m about to close up my first year of business as London Headshots, and what a year it’s been! A really big thank you to everyone who came through the studio doors, and also to everyone who passed on recommendations to their fellow actors and actresses. The old “couldn’t have done it without you guys” cliché really holds true here, as without you, I’d have been a guy sitting in my studio twiddling my thumbs. So again, massive appreciation for choosing London Headshots. I hope you got everything you needed!

Big plans for London Headshots in 2013, as I aim to refine the headshots process as much as possible and hopefully deliver clients a more complete package.

New in 2013 is a large monitor linked directly to the camera so that we can review all shots as they are taken. The hope is that at the end of a session, we can go through the images together and whittle down the final selection. Im hoping this will shave several days off the entire process, as well as help you to be able to visualise your facial expressions and see what works and what doesn’t.

Anyway, that’s about it really, here’s a selection of my favourite images taken over the past 12 months at London Headshots:


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