VAT now added to headshot price.

VAT now added to headshot price.

Hi there,


Just a quick update on the recent price changes. Unfortunately, I’ve had to start adding VAT to my prices, as I recently had to register. This means that the price has risen from £200 to £240. Obviously, if you’re registered for VAT yourself, you’ll be able to claim it back.

When I first started London Headshots, it was about providing the best headshots at a ridiculously cheap price. However, I never envisioned that it would be so popular, or that I’d enjoy it more than advertising photography. The result was that I had to bump the price a little at the beginning, but now I’ve taken on a better studio, and it means I’ve had to also start charging this VAT. It’s a bit of a bummer on my end, because it now means I can’t claim to be the cheapest, although I still believe I’m the best value.

I’ve tried to be really fair with this. Previously, the price was 200, but with VAT, it would be £240. So, what I’ve done is drop my prices to £195, so with VAT it’s now 235.

The price increase isn’t as bad as it seems, as it now just brings me into line with the rest of the headshot photographers in my bracket, and I’m hoping you would pick London Headshots for the photography and style, and not just because I was previously a bit cheaper.


To offset the price increase and make things a little more palatable, I’m going to be working harder than ever to give you the best headshots possible, along with continuously striving to create more of the unique lighting  styles that characterise the style London Headshots is popular for. I’m going to be including the odd full length/3-quarter length shot if people need it, too.


So yeah, hopefully not such a bad thing, though believe me when I say there are things I’d rather do than have to charge people more money in order to give it straight to David Cameron.



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