Very busy this month…

Very busy this month…

natural portraiture

Natural looking actress headshots

Here’s a shot from a recent headshot session with a young actress who got in contact with london headshots via the twitter page.

This has been without a doubt the busiest month since I started shooting. By the 2nd of March, I was already almost fully booked for the month.

You may or may not know that I am also a commercial photographer, and that is what I’ve mostly been booked up with this month.

This week I shot headshots, as well as completed a commercial shoot for an advertising agency who were going through a rebranding. I’ve taken away a bunch of their branded products to shoot another day for their website, along with lifestyle shots. They also need their whole staff shooting towards the end of the month, and are talking about flying me over to Switzerland to shoot the European arm of the agency.

I’m also shooting a show stand for another marketing company, as well as photographing the new books for a very well known fashion company (can’t say the name). On top of that I’m shooting a nude at the end of the month in a recreation of john Swannell’s famous Nude In Black Hat 1980 photo. I’m also working with a television presenter for her new promo shots, and a games company for some cyperpunk-style portraiture. So yeah, this month is turning out amazing!

There are, however, a couple of days left in the month, and plenty in April, so book a session and get some new headshots for Spotlight, casting call pro, your own portfolio etc.. Cheap actors headshots don’t usually come with the professional standard provided by London Headshots, and I’m able to provide that standard because my commercial jobs are where I make my money.Businesses can afford commercial rates, which means I can charge far less to individuals looking for new headshots.

It’s a win-win situation!

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