Warning: Uploading images to Spotlight with your iPad

OK, so hot on the heels of the critically claimed (by me) blog post: “Warning: downloading images to your iPad”, comes this, the highly anticipated sequel.

Do not. I repeat DO NOT upload images to Spotlight from your mobile device, because they will look terrible. Mobile devices such as the Galaxy Note, iPad, and all the other variants, compress the images they download, because they need to fit on a smaller screen. If you are downloading from a 3G connection, they’ll compress the files even more. When you then upload those files to Spotlight, they are viewed by casting directors using desktop computers, Do you really want them to see grainy, low-quality images that look shit?

Honestly, I feel quite strongly about this, because while that work represents you, it also represents me. Every single person who sees a crap, grainy image that looks like it was shot with an iPhone is a person who won’t want to shoot with London Headshots.

So please, download your images to a computer and upload them to Spotlight from a computer.


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