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I thought I might take a bit of time to revisit an old update about what to bring to your headshot session. I’m another 12 months and 200+ clients in, so think I can dd a bit more to the old update.

I think the clothes thing is probably the part an actor struggles with most during a session. I hear, “I didn’t know what to bring so I just threw all this stuff in the bag”, so many times, you wouldn’t believe it! So let’s get right to it.

What Clothes To Bring To Your Headshot Session

Now, this can be a tricky one. Unfortunately, it’s one problem the photographer can’t really help you with, but I’m going to endeavour to give you some idea about how to go about choosing..

Basically, the clothes kind of set the overall tone for what you’re trying to accomplish with your headshot. They are like a secondary narrative, of sorts, that, if used correctly, can really strengthen the headshot.

At London Headshots, you get six headshots at the end, and the split is probably best divided as one “profile” or “this is me” headshot, and the remaining five as “role” headshots.

Your ‘This Is Me’ Headshot

This one’s easy – just pick whatever you think looks best on you. It can be anything you like, as long as it’s not too crazy, and doesn’t have anything such as a collar that obscures your face. In most instances, soft colours generally look best against the London Headshots lighting style. Matching something that brings out the colour of your eyes can sometimes add a nice connection between your clothes and your face.


  • Thin T-shirts of various colours, styles. 
  • Thin jumper
  • A shirt
Actors headshot photographers

A suit with an open shirt and undone tie is creating a very specific look in this headshot.

Your ‘Role’ Headshots

 These are a bit more difficult, but a bit of thought means you’ll get it right. What kind of roles are you going for? What type of parts do you want to play? If you can answer these questions, then you’ve won half the battle, which means you won’t need to empty your wardrobe into a suitcase!

 Do you play business-type roles? Bring a suit and a selection of ties. Easy as that.

 Younger actor cast as student-y type roles? Throw in a plain tshirt and a hoodie!

 Probably not intending to cast for sporty roles? Leave the football kit at home! Actually, even if you are casting for sporty roles – leave the football kit at home!

The clothes should be secondary to the facial expression, though, so don’t overdo it.

 Your clothes, if picked right, will strengthen your headshot and ultimately make your character believable. So rather than just shoving any old thing into a bag, pick carefully, and consider what type of role it might lend itself to!

Ultimately, though, don’t over-think it. If you cn’t figure out what to bring, just do what everyone does and bring it all!

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